Welcome To Hickman Longhorns!

We started in the longhorn business in a roundabout fashion.
Originally, all we wanted was to have a piece of Texas history - a longhorn steer.

Well, like Lay's potato chips, you can't just have one...

Before we knew it, we had a herd and we truly love them. Currently, we have approximately 50 head. We breed for a total package of horn, size and color. All our cattle are "eat out of your hand" gentle, with some even wanting a full body rubdown! We are located approximately an hour north of Houston in Willis, Texas.

We love to work with established as well as new breeders that are interested in Longhorn cattle. Whether you’re a serious breeder or need pretty pasture art for your agricultural exemption, we can find the right longhorn for your needs. We love showing our cattle and sharing our love for these wonderful animals.

Proven genetics

Creole Dixie Lee, Texas Longhorn Cow
Creole Dixie Lee - 82"


Bayou Dixie Belle, Texas Longhorn Cow
Bayou Dixie Belle - 81.5" ttt
Creole Dixie Lee X Superman


Delta Dixie Delight, Texas Longhorn Cow
Delta Dixie Delight - 81" ttt
Creole Dixie Lee X Rebel Red


Rolling Thunder, Texas Longhorn Bull
Rolling Thunder (photo courtesy Ross Ohlendorf)
- over 70" ttt by three years
Creole Dixie Lee X Tornado Alley



Super Jackie, Texas Longhorn Cow
Super Jackie - 74" ttt


Red's Super Star, Texas Longhorn Cow
Red's Super Star - 75.5" ttt
Super Jackie X Rebel Red


Allstarz, Texas Longhorn Cow
Allstarz - 65" ttt @ 27 months
Red's Super Star X The Legend